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So you're shooting for glory and don't want to make any compromises.

The stakes have never been higher, so you want a fully featured plan in strong preparation for the most grueling investors, and want to leave no stone unturned.  The "ultimate" package is your solution.

The "Ultimate" plan is a comprehensive research based-plan designed for the entrepreneur who doesn't want to make cuts.  The ultimate plan isn't simply more comprehensive, it includes sections that will tickle the senses of the most elite investors.  Partners at venture capital firms and hotshot private investors hear great ideas and come across great rising firms all the time, but can only invest in so many.  The added sections of the "ultimate" plan are designed to drill into their brains that there can be no doubt about your company; that is, that their investment is an urgent prospect for them, something for which they cannot miss-out.  They wont just see a great return, they'll see it like a narrative or movie that plays in their head with a beginning, middle, end, and aftermath.

The "ultimate" plan pounds the message home for entrepreneurs who want to be sure they gave everything possible.  Even if the other plan options can attract investors, the sections of the "ultimate plan" can sweeten the deal for them, which translates to more money and better offers for you - the entrepreneur.  Below you'll see a sample "ultimate" plan followed by a list of everything included.  Feel free to ask us any questions.

Time frame: Tentatively 12-14 business days

Special Price: from $2999

The graphic design is customized for your business and for any specific artistic instructions that you would like to give us.

What's included?
Cover | Table of Contents | Executive Summary | Company Description | Product or Service Description | MBA Writers | Market Research | Profit & Loss | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow Statement | Sales Forecast | Marketing Plan | TDD Analysis | Design | Review of P&L’s (Profit and Loss) | Break-even Analysis | Projected Costs | Personal Plan | Organizational Chart | Keys to Success | About the Founder/Company | Financial Assumptions | 2 Professionally Printed Plans | Digital CD | US Shipping | SBA list/Venture Capital List | Milestones | ROI Analysis | Exit Strategies |
2 Free revisions included – (up to 21 calendar days)

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