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PLUS Business Plan

We understand - you're a small business but don't want to look like one.

Your company is ready for that next level of growth and the reader needs to know it.  So, you need a little more than what's "standard," but still want to keep within budget.  After all, you haven't achieved that next level of growth just yet; that's what the the business plan is all about in the first place, right?  Well, that's where the "Plus" package comes in.

"Plus" business plans are all about "expansion." Its not the time to just profile your company and give a basic projections.  You need to emphasize where you're going, how you'll get there, and why.  You know it in your own mind, now let us eloquently put it on paper.  Below you'll see a sample "plus" plan followed by a list of everything included.  Feel free to ask us any questions.

Time frame: Tentatively 7-0 business days 

Special Price: $2199

The graphic design is customized for your business and for any specific artistic instructions that you would like to give us.

What's included?
Cover | Table of Contents | Executive Summary | Company Description | Product or Service Description | MBA Writers | Market Research | Profit & Loss | Balance Sheet | Cash Flow Statement | Sales Forecast | Marketing Plan | TDD Analysis | Design | Keys to Continued Success | Expansion Objectives | About the Founder/Company | Review of P&L’s (Profit & Loss)
2 Free revisions included – (up to 21 calendar days)

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Our team of designers & developers have many years of experience in every graphic medium.

We are passionate about our work and take pride in building specialized, hands-on, custom-tailored designs to best promote your company's image.

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Our Web Design, graphic design and interface design are executed in HTML or a similar markup language for the iPhone, iPad and Droid platforms.

We also create Flash web design which uses Adobe Flash to create interactive web pages.

Our web designer have ample supplies of concepts, web design and graphic design being utilized on the internet.

Do not be too concerned about how much does a Logo cost, or how much does an e-commerce website cost.

Our focus is to work within your budget to get the best results so that your business may flourish.